Developing leaders and schools for the 21st Century

LLI’s mission is to transform educational leadership and organizations through scientific understanding so that all children receive world-class learning opportunities.

Expert Coaching

1:1 Coaching | Team coaching

Capacity Building

Individual, team and organizational learning

Design and Improvement

New learning models | Strategic planning | Improvement processes

We have over 25 years of experience with improving schools, developing leaders and focusing on the whole student.

LLI is one of the nation’s best firms to help you develop leaders, understand the future, build capacity in your schools, and create social-emotional learning for your students.

Leadership Productivity

we provide consulting and products to help leaders become more productive

Future Scanning

we scan the oncoming future for signals that may impact schools and consult on how to prepare for these changes

Capacity Building

we help build capacity for change by developing learning systems with you at the individual, team and organizational level

Social-Emotional Learning

we help you plan, implement and lead social-emotional learning opportunities.

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