The Inner Demons of Distraction

When we think about distractions to our attention and focus, as school leaders, we often think about external distractions. Things like phone calls, emails, people dropping in, or unplanned events are the first ones mentioned when I talk to principals. However, what about our internal distractions- those inner thoughts and feelings that interfere with our focus? See how you can tame those inner demons.

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Scheduling Your Focus

How can school leaders better recognize the type of attention they need and use it more consciously? Can you really control your focus and attention as a busy school leader? This post uses the FOCUS method to show you how you can manage your attention during the day.

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Focus as a New Form of Intelligence

The question of better focus has become a significant concern for school leaders today. It seems like the more knowledge we have, and the time we spend using technology and social media, the shorter our attention span has become. Unfortunately, this lack of focus has become the norm for many principals.

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