Capacity Building

Coaching schools and developing leaders

When working with change, leaders often hear the need to build capacity to make the changes a reality. However, this essential element of change has never been fully defined or developed until now. At the Leading Learners Institute we define capacity in two ways:

1. Capacity as a noun is the set of defined systems, processes and conditions that help a school organize for learning at the student, staff, team and organizational level around a central purpose. Over time this learning builds new knowledge and becomes a resource that can be drawn upon to improve, innovate and solve problems.

2. Capacity as a verb is using processes within the systems to promote interaction for learning at the student, staff, team and organizational level.

We work with:

  • Turn around schools who need to rebuild capacity from the ground up,
  • Schools staring a major change initiative who need to develop the capacity to implement and sustain the initiative
  • Schools that need to connect their learning systems

We provide the following services to help leaders build capacity by developing learning systems with you at the individual, team and organizational level.

  • Consulting- we can consult with you to diagnose and develop a plan for capacity building. Click here for a free consultation.


  • Development work – we can work with you and offer on the ground consulting, coaching and workshops to help you build the necessary capacity for success. Click here for a free consultation.
  • Products – we literally have written the book on building capacity. Be on the lookout for our publication date and order link.


  • Ideas – click here to see blogs on building capacity